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Jake, Erin, Magen and I climbed this bad boy.  Castleton Tower, near Moab Utah.

Mike and Magen on Grand Teton Summit in '99.  Magen is wearing a Jcrew tank top, with 1945 army-issue winter thermals; Mike is sporting a Vietnam Era camo-hat, $2 uniform button down, and cotton slacks.

Mike and Magen on Castleton Tower's Summit.

Mike linking moves at City of Rocks, Idaho.  This was Spring of '94 I think.

Jake and I on the Owen-Spalding route, Grand Teton.

Hunting Wabbits (Didn't see ONE!)

Every morning for over 20 years this mountain was the first thing I saw from my bedroom window.

Fishing without a license, Jake shows us what it takes to be a SURVIVOR!!

Mud Wrestling at Lake Powell

Anthony, Jake, and Magen waiting for a turn at

This dude looks JUST like my Bro' in Law, Lee!!!  Uncanny!